a powerful letter from Burkina faso

This is another letter I received from my Compassion correspondent child, Pori’s pastor.
It was sent to all the sponsors of the children at this Compassion Center in Burkina Faso.

In this letter, Pastor Pierre Zidouemba describes a few of the challenges that their community faces, victories they’ve accomplished, and the importance and excitement of letter distribution. Every Compassion Center is run through the local church, and the church staff works directly with the children.

In times like these, child sponsorship may look slightly different. For instance, instead of providing group activities, community service, games, and group meals,* your sponsorship funds will be used to provide food packs, baby/toddler supplies, clothes, school supplies, rent, masks,** etc.

*Compassion works holistically. Activities will vary by center/country regulations/special needs
**Here in America there is much political division on whether or not we should wear masks or not. However, in many of these countries, regardless of any political division, masks are required to go into a store, school, or almost any other public place. Parents who are already struggling to provide food for their children, cannot afford even small extra expenses such as a mask. Even further, many parents are willing to let themselves starve to feed their children because they cannot afford food for them both.

Even with seemingly little communication, much good is being done in sponsorship. The main goal is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. The sponsor is allowed to write as often as they’d like. They may also visit the children to see firsthand the impact their sponsorship is having on the children. Many people who have visited their sponsored children will tell you that these kids are real. These families are real. Their struggles are real. Poverty is real. Yet the Gospel is real. The beneficiaries of these programs are desperately searching for hope. Hope in something. Anything. The true Gospel works wonders in these nations. Jesus works wonders in these nations.

I received this letter from my correspondent child, Pori’s pastor.
Through Compassion International, if someone doesn’t want to write to a child, but would still like to support them financially, they can opt out of letter writing. A volunteer will then write in place of the sponsor and receive letters, updates and current photos. Of course, Compassion prefers that the sponsor write to the child. However, If there’s any reason that they’re unable or unwilling, they can request a correspondent to write in their place.

Please keep in mind that this letter has been translated, so the grammar may not be perfect.

A message from:


Pastor Pierre Zidouemba
Local Church of the xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx
xxxx x xxxxxx, Burkina Faso

Dear Eleana,
I am Pastor Pierre Zidouemba of the local church of the xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx in the city of xxxx x xxxxxx, Burkina Faso. Our church hosts the Child Development Center that ministers to sponsored children.

I would like to show my gratitude for sponsors’ unfailing commitment to provide support for the well-being of the children of our center. A look-back from the center opening until now makes me thank God for the friendly relationship that binds you with your sponsored child. I also rejoice for your prayers for the welfare of your sponsored child. I pray that the Lord will bless and renew you day after day.

Our center has faced several challenges, including religious pressures because we are in a highly Muslim area. Also, the demand for families to register new children is large, but the center cannot always meet the many needs of our children, as our means are limited.

It is our joy that parents of our children who used to live in very difficult conditions before their enrollment at the center, now live a better life. Children have at least two meals a day, and have had houses built for them by Complimentary Interventions. Others run income-generating activities and care for their families. My heart rejoices whenever I think of this. What makes me more joyful is that day by day, I see beneficiaries give themselves to the Lord and attend our Sunday services and I bless the name of the Lord for that.

Our children are delighted when they receive a letter, because they know they have friends who think of them and pray for them. Thanks to the letters our children receive the news of a sponsor’s family and country. This communication allows them to get to know these nations better and to learn about the major events taking place. They also send their own letters. But when a child has more than five months without receiving news, they are preoccupied and wonder what happened to their sponsor. I hope you can write often, for it brings your child joy!

To conclude with, I would like to thank God for your friendship. This will have sustainable effects for the best radiance of the children. Pray for our center to best support the parents of children in income-generating activities for their empowerment. Also, pray for our center to set up an equipped library in order to create a pleasant learning environment for our children. May the grace and peace of God be your share.

Pastor Pierre Zidouemba