Just for laughs

Here are some funny videos I've found, listed in no particular order. Hope you enjoy!

Duncan Philips and Michael Tait share some funny moments they've had while performing.

10 Annoying things parents do on Facebook.

Here is a hilarious Easter skit by The Skit Guys.

You might be a homeschooler if... 

Ryan Stevenson sings a few songs that his kids wrote, at a Newsboys United Concert. 

I'm sorry but if you've made it this far, you probably know me well enough to know I had to include some puns.

Peaches. They always get im-peached!

I like European food so I decided to Russia over there because I was Hungary. After Czech’ing the menu I ordered Turkey. When I was Finnished I told the waiter ‘Spain good but there is Norway I could eat another bite!

Because bananas are so a-peeling!

All you have to do is take a day off!