This Isn’t Ordinary!


My Name is Eleana and I’m so exited to share this blog with you!
I guess I’m starting this like most other first blog posts; with my name, how exited I am to start this blog and how long I’ve wanted to start this blog (about 2 years). By now you’re probably thinking; what now, is she going to start listing her hobbies? You guessed it! I love camping, (who doesn’t?) snowboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, reading, running, calligraphy, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, marimba and mandolin. (I’m not “fluent,” so to speak, in each instrumentbut I can play at least a few songs on each.) And of course I love pampering my pets! (My guinea pigs, Fidget and Bugsie, and my mice, Pearla and Lou-Lou.)

Okay so maybe this is a typical first blog post. Maybe this seems ordinary. But you know whats not ordinary? The fact that while I’m typing this, I’m traveling 67 thousand miles an hour through space. And so are you as you read this. It’s pretty cool to think that if the distance from the earth to the sun was one sheet of paper, the distance to the next nearest star would be a stack of paper 70 feet tall! When I first heard that it just blew my mind! And of course when you’re seven years old and you hear something that blows your mind, you tell it to literally everyone you see. Like someone walks up to you and asks“How are you?” The natural response is: “If the distance from the earth to the sun is a piece of paper, the distance to the next nearest star would be a stack of paper 70 feet tall. I’m good how are you?”

Do typical first blog posts sound so ordinary now?

You’re probably wondering why a 15 year old has all these random space facts memorized. I’ve been listening to the Passion City Church podcasts lately. (Well I’ve downloaded the app so I guess I can’t call it a podcast anymore and I haven’t adjusted to saying “video” yet… I’m working on it.) At Passion City Church, Louie Giglio recently did a series called A Trip Around The Sun. You guessed it from the title and the space facts, that he talks about astronomy a lot. I know it’s out of season but his New Year’s message is really interesting and I thought I would share it with you. Passion City Church, Nothing Is Ordinary by Louie Giglio


“Ordinarily” everyone asks when you start a blog, what you will be writing about? I don’t really know for sure yet. It’s strange but that’s how I write. I get some crazy idea like “I know! I should start a blog!” and the writing just unfolds. When I first started writing this, I only had a few “ordinary” blog ideas such as cooking, life hacks and traveling. (that’s why I called this blog Eleana’s Journey; I love traveling!) Now as I’m writing this, I’m getting a bunch of ideas. No spoilers! I never could have guessed what I’d write until I just sat down to it.:) If you have any suggestions on what to write about, email me at Or leave a comment down belowand I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I’d love to hear from you!